Another Tool To Refine Your Search On Google

In 2009 Google announced the launch of search tool which allows you to filter your search with pages you haven’t visited yet but that feature was ejected two years later but on 12th July 2013, Google announced on its official Google+ page to re-launch its search tool ‘Not Yet Visited Pages’ on Google+ to give you a better search option. This search option divides your search into two parts wherein regular one you’ll find the routine search results but when clicking on the search tool option ‘Not Yet Visited Pages’ a list related search will come on your screen showing the results which you haven’t visited for that particular search.

And according to Google, you must be logged in to use this efficient and beneficial search tool, apparently, Google will use your Google history to accentuate this feature.

The main concern is, people are not using advanced search tools, earlier the search and filter tools were on the left side and now they are placed beneath the ‘search options’, results are clear, profuse searches won’t do sorting or filtering results but the user may drop.

We are waiting for.