Essentials Of On Page SEO :: Search Engine Optimisation

In this highly competitive world On Page SEO is a benediction, it can get you enormous search engine traffic on the website without risking SERPs.

On Page SEO is the SEO process where the SEO executive works on different pages of the website to make it more enticing and engaging to the targeted audience. It sounds very facile but requires lots of hard work, creative imagination, conceptualisation and strategies to bring the website on top list of different search engines like Google, Bing and so forth. The executive has to do a total analysis of the website like which product, service or update has to be highlighted, what sort of content has be added or edited, where the links to be send and if everything is alright why the website is not getting the traffic. Here we are sharing some essentials of On Page SEO to get better traffic and ranking for the website.

  • Site Crawling : It helps to give an overview of the website, many free tools are available which exports all indexed pages of the website and does an audit of the pages which you need to optimise. The output of this endeavour will include some data which is essential and some which is not, however, important data will include these three important columns i.e. address (URL), title (title of the page) and description (description of the page).
  • Site Structure : After making a basic index of the website, the next step which comes is to organise and prioritise the content of the website like, what should come on home page and what on internal page to give the site professional and an organised touch.
  • Optimize URL, page title and description : A review of URL, page title and page description is done to check if any update has to be made in it or not so that title and description is alluring to the audience.
  • A value proposition is established : This step is often overlooked but it is very important step as it defines the purpose of the page as well as of the website, what type of content should be added, who are the targeted audience and how to entice them toward the site.
  • Track keywords and topics of each page : Keywords are important as they help you to get traffic for your website, hence you to opt for the correct keyword which will give more hits to your site. One topic per page is decided to give most suitable keyword for the page.
  • Review and edit content as per need : Today, the content is very important tool to make or break a site, if a person visiting your page doesn’t find any relevant information then without wasting time he/she will leave the page. Hence, before writing the one should think of topic and targeted audience to write an alluring content, which will bring more and more visitors on your page.
  • Multimedia content : Apart from text based articles, images, screenshots and videos entice the audience and helps them to understand the concept of the article more easily and quickly. It also helps your in getting better ranking as Google also uses time on site as the ranking signal.
  • Link it up : Sometimes this point is overlooked, however it is very essential to incorporate links with the content, sent to different social sites especially Google+ , Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. It is highly valuable in showing your content in different search engines and also improves clicks on your site.
  • LSI Keywords : It is a tool Google uses to measure the standards of the content quality  and relation of keywords with the website, it makes the site safe from being labelled as spam, it is a mutual benefit for the site as well as search engine.