How To Plan For Social Media Marketing From Scratch

Now that you know where to get started, let’s move on to the part where all the action is. Let’s run you down through the most important actionable points of a successful social media marketing plan.

Step 4: Create and Share Engaging Social Media Content

Content is king. Without original content and its right treatment that gets the pulse of your audience, your social media efforts are futile. The key is to strike a balance between content that is useful and interesting to the audience, as well as self-promotion. Curating overtly promotional content can put you on the risk of being unfollowed. At the same time, ensure that whatever you’re posting is relevant to your brand/product/strategy. A content strategist or social media writer can help you achieve this balance.

Video content is making big waves nowadays. Instagram Stories, Boomerangs, Facebook Live, and SnapChat are all playing on videos.
When it comes to creating images, that too have to be visually appealing. A graphic designer, videographer or visualizer can help you create media that truly stands out.

Step 5: Build a relationship with your audience

Social media networks are called networks for a reason. They are made to create platforms for conversations, discussions, and sharing content. After making all these efforts, don’t forget to engage with your audience. Keep the conversations alive. Don’t ignore positive as well as negative messages. Engaging with your audience also gives you the opportunity to gauge response of your customers, and feedback for your product/services. You can immediately pacify a disgruntled customer online by apologizing or giving them special discounts. On the other hand, you can also reward your most loyal customers through social media.

Step 6: Track your efforts

Know your metrics and keep a close eye on them. Without analysing your efforts, you would never know whether all your efforts were truly worth it or not. Taking a bird’s eye view of your social media marketing activities will help put things into perspective for the future.
First you need to figure out what metrics are you tracking and equating to your success. Whether it’s the reach, engagement, clicks, hashtag performance, likes, sentiment or the number of leads generated. Use a social media tool to track your progress. There are many tools available online apart from the Google Analytics dashboard which helps you check which social media posts got you the most traffic, conversions, engagement and revenue.

Step 7: Evaluate and Improve

Once you’ve invested in analysing your social media efforts and evaluating performance, it’s time to create a fresh strategy and plan ahead on the way forward. When you have the knowledge of what worked in your favour and what didn’t, you can always work on improving your social media marketing further. For 80% marketers, the most common success metric is engagement. Which is why they focus on building connection and valuable relationships with their online audience. Social media thrives on conversations and engagement, which is why it is most important to aim for long term goals of branding through social media marketing than simply focus on short term gains.

If you follow this simple checklist and work at building a lasting bond with your consumers online, there’s nothing that can stop your social media marketing strategy from being super successful.