How To Plan For Social Media Marketing From Scratch

With the whole world going digital, businesses too are making the most of this amazing medium that gives them access to prospects not just in one region, but across the globe. And that too without the cost, time and effort of air travel. SOCIAL MEDIA is the answer to all your expansion plans without the need to invest big on opening a brick and mortar store for different geographies. If done right, it is a profit center that you would wish you had explored earlier. But don’t worry. Better late than never. Here’s a 7 step guide on creating a social media marketing strategy from scratch.

Step 1: Identify your social media goals and align them with your organisational goals

Before jumping on the social bandwagon, make sure you have clear goals defined as to what are you looking to achieve. Just diving in just because everybody else is doing so, would only backfire. You need to figure out whether it is just branding and visibility that you’re vying for, or you are in it for lead generation and sales. If it’s branding you’re looking at, then measure your success in likes/tweets/shares etc. However, if you want to generate real value for your business, these metrics are superficial. Here you need to focus on leads generated, conversion rate and web referrals.

Step 2: Identify which social media channels are right for your business

In order to do that, you would first have to research about your audience. Identifying your customer demographics is the key to finding which social media sites will work for you. According to a Sprout Social, here are the few essential demographics for each social network:

89% women users
88% 18-29 year olds
84% users earning less than $30,000
82% users with a college experience

36% 18-29 year olds
29% users with college experience or more
28% users earning $50,000 – $74,999
26% urban users
25% women users

59% 18-29 year olds
39% urban users
38% women users
38% users earning less than $30,000
37% users with college experience

50% users with college experience or more
45% users earning $75,000 or more
34% urban users
34% 18-29 year olds
31% men users

This information will help you decide your most valuable social media channels.

Step 3: Do a social media competitive analysis

Conduct a thorough research to see what your competitors are doing. Identify what works with the audience, and what doesn’t. The idea is not to steal their ideas, but to grow from their success, and learn from their mistakes. If you don’t know who your competitors are in the social world, just do a Google search using your most valuable keywords, for example, ‘metal handicrafts’ or ‘lamp shades’. The listings will show you who your competitors are, and you can go check them out on various social media channels to see how active/inactive they are on these networks.

Stay tuned for our next blog for the complete steps to create a winning social media strategy from square one!