Linux Server :: Spoofing prevention

Dear Customer,

Adding to our efforts to curb the abuse from our networks and regulate limits as per industry standards, we will be implementing the following restrictions for the emails that are sent via scripts from Linux Hosting servers :

* Either FROM or TO address domain part is hosted on the server.

The FROM or TO address has to be anything@your-domain-name.tld. For example, if your domain name, then the FROM or TO address that you need to use in the script is abc@testdomain.comor <anything>

* If in the TO address the domain mentioned is not hosted on the same server, and FROM address is something like user@hostname, emails will be rejected.

For example, your domain name is, the domains parent username is testdo and the package is hosted on the server If the FROM field in your script is mentioned as , you’re TO email address has to be <anything>

Feedback/Contact-Us/Mail scripts that do not comply to either of the conditions will be blocked. Also, change in these settings, will not affect the emails that are being sent via the cross.

Feel free to contact our support team for further clarifications.