Magento or Opencart, which platform to opt for building your e-commerce website ?

Today, many platforms have been developed on which you can build your e-commerce website but with options comes the confusion, which platform should be used to develop the e-commerce website. Its very arduous to decide the platform of the website and one cannot go on his gut feeling or chosen randomly, but a thorough research and professional help is required to answer this question as every business has distinct needs and requirements and only that platform should opt which suits most of the requirement of your business model.

Let us discuss the two most persuasive e-commerce platforms i.e Magento and Opencart.

Magento :
This free open-source e-commerce business solution is jam-packed with rich features, giving the user full autonomy on advanced level flexibility and control on appearance, content, and functionality of the online business store. Its enriched with opulent features like SEO, catalog management, online marketing, etc. enabling the user to develop a hassle-free and customized e-commerce site as per the needs and requirement of the business model. This platform is ideal for developing an online store, it supports Linux, Windows, and Unix operating system.

Opencart :
This is also free PHP based open-source e-commerce shopping cart solution which is feature rich and user-friendly, offering a flexible e-commerce solution for all the merchants of online stores who are with limited knowledge of internet and are at the initial stage of their business. It equips the online merchant to develop its own shopping cart and at sensible pricing also offers an ample range of compatible payment gateway like Paypal, WorldPay and so forth. Recently it has updated an autocomplete for customers, products & orders and tax system.

Major differences between Magento and Opencart

Magento has extensive template options than Opencart.
Magento gives you multiple store handling whereas Opencart doesn’t.
Magento is highly SEO friendly than Opencart.
Magento has the ability to show products comparisons and wishlist whereas Opencart doesn’t have this ability.
Magento has more reporting options like sales, low stock, inventory report etc. whereas Opencart reporting option includes only sales report.
Magento has a comprehensive e-commerce platform strength whereas Opencart has limited but strong e-commerce platform.
Magento comprises CMS whereas Opencart has basic content management.
Magento is more complicated administration panel than Opencart.
Magento easy and quick checkout process whereas Opencart’s checkout process relies on the Javascript.
Magento is the advanced platform for e-commerce business solution than Opencart.
Similarities between Magento and Opencart

Both are e-commerce business solution platforms.
Both platforms are PHP based.
Both have multilingual support.