Win The Google+ Game To Improve SEO For Your Website

Do you have Google+ account for your business?

If not then make it ASAP as Google+  is the SEO juggernaut which dominates the search results and has the ability to make or break your website. It is worlds second largest social networking website which recently surpassed Twitter in January 2013. Now, let’s discuss how can you improve SEO of the website using Google+?

Create Google Authorship
It allows you to link your Google+ profile to every article you write, when anyone searches your name on search engine your article will appear with your name and picture enticing more and more viewers on your website and user can even click on ‘More’ button there, which allows them to view other content which Google has indexed, which gives you an image of industry expert. And as a perk, when your site is linked with Google+, Google will value that connection and will mark your site as a trustworthy source and be endowing your site a better rank as a result.

Build Your Circle
Building your circle on Google+ allows you to share your content with more number of people and you should also connect with some industry expert blogs, which will help you to get better impression because if the industry experts like your content and share in their circle, it will certainly improve your SEO and will boost your website.

Share Your Content For Quick Indexing
The content shared by you on Google+ profile will certainly be indexed in search engines more quickly than on any other social networking websites. So, next time when sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms do not forget to share it on Google+.

Optimize ‘About Me’ Tab In Your Profile
This is the most determining section of your profile, you have been very careful annexing content in this section, you can add different keywords here which will help search engines to index your page in different searches. You should give a deep thought or even think like a searcher like what the searcher will look for? What keywords can bring them to your website? Hence, write this ‘About Me’ section accordingly.

Encourage Reviews and Recommendations On Your Google+ Profile
Frequent updating of content is recommended as this increases your interaction which in result increase your authority and also increases the overall search result of your business page.

Utilize Title Tags
Google generally pays attention to all Google+ posts and it’s important to keywords in your content, as the sooner the keyword appears in your content, the better it is.